Book Review: Less

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Arthur Less is an interesting character, so accustomed to being a young man that he’s not sure quite what to make of turning 50.

There are worse ways to avoid an awkward situation than taking a world tour that is mostly paid for and offers the opportunity to get some writing done while taking in the sites.

As a writer, I’m always a sucker for books about writers. Not sure how someone supports themselves on a couple of mid-list novels, but that’s what makes it fiction, right?

I was confused by the narrator who seemed to make their presence known with no rhyme or reason. It reminded me of Peter Falk’s character in The Princess Bride. You’re merrily enmeshed in the story when someone decides its time to remind you that you’re reading a book.

All is soon revealed though. I do recommend this book for anyone interested in a quick read, relationships, world travel or the writing life.


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