Larger Than a Breadbox

I’m just barely getting my road trip post in here before midnight because I was, of course, on the road.

Today I was driving across New York state to take our daughter back to college. It’s four and a half hours each way so that’s a total of nine hours car time. Usually a Tim Horton’s extra large black on the way and a Starbucks triple venti cappuchino with cinnamon powder on the return. I do enjoy it though. It’s all highway, so I set the cruise control and put Alt Nation or NPR on the radio and rack up the mile markers.

I enjoy it because it’s so meditative since it’s one of the few times when I am not multitasking.

It’s also fun with family. We play our an infinite version of 20 questions which starts with I’m Thinking of a Thing. Popular questions include:

Is it Larger than a bread box?
Is it dead– did you kill it?
Can it be tanged? (translation – is it tangible)

There is usually a lot of reading and singing as well.

Driving really does represent freedom to me as it does to so many, whether relaxing on a long trip now or thinking back to those weekend trips to the shore when I lived in Philly.

I really get why older folk are so reluctant to give up their keys.


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