There’s Always Room For Cello

This is a post from a couple of years ago when I first started playing cello.

That particular teacher only lasted a couple of months because she was more of a violin/viola teacher. I soon had a new teacher, a young woman who taught music at a local college. She taught be a ton and lessons were really fun. (“Stop making faces! You’re the only one who thinks it sounds bad,” she told me more than once.)

She took an amazing job in Chicago last year though, and I’ve just been playing on my own ever since. I need to play a lot more that I do though. I could be progressing much quicker than I am though. I’m glad to be finally getting the hang of swung rhythm, but vibrato still evades me, but as I said, not nearly enough practice.

I was pleasantly surprised that reading music came right to me like I’d been doing it all my life. I continue to be challenged by rhythm and tempo. I need to spend more time listening to and imitating the pieces that I’m learning.

I’ll keep playing though as long as I enjoy it.


One thought on “There’s Always Room For Cello

  1. Melanie

    Playing an instrument is such a special skill. I wish every day that I’d never quit piano lessons all those years ago. I think knowing how to play would have made losing my hearing a little less painful and would make trying to learn to sing with music again much easier.

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