I Woke Up at North Dakota This Morning

I worked for many years at a technology distributor. I talked to people all over the nation and for some reason, some of them stuck.

This morning I opened my eyes at 701 and my first thought was, “Oh, North Dakota.”

651 is Minnesota, a city I’ve always been fascinated with although I’ve never visited.

615 is the Nashville area of TN and one of my favorite customers in Murfreesboro.

941 is Tampa, Florida and nearby Siesta Key where we love vacation when time and money permit.

619 is San Diego, CA where our oldest lives. 607 is Central NY where our youngest attends college.

301 is Southern MD where we lived in the eighties.

I’ve lived in 716 (Buffalo, NY) for many years, but 215 (Philadelphia, PA) sounds like home. People from there just speak normally to me.

609 is South Jersey; the shore and farm stands of my childhood and the bars and clubs of my young adult years.

I’m sure there are many more that I’ll think of as soon as I stop writing, but when any of these numbers turn up on a clock, a receipt or price tag, my brain goes straight to area code.


5 thoughts on “I Woke Up at North Dakota This Morning

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  2. Erin

    Great post! One correction I can offer now that I’m a Floridian. 813 is Tampa, 941 is Sarasota and Siesta Key is in the same area. Very close to the southern part of Tampa/Hillsborough County (where I live) but two different area codes. Going to Siesta this weekend!! 🙂

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