Training Day (No Denzel)

I finished my smallest plane post a couple of days ago. Today I will write about my most interesting train ride.

One of the things I miss about Philly, where I was born and raised, is it’s impressive network of public transportation. Here in Buffalo, I am astonished that I have no choice but to get in my car for every museum, play, concert or sporting event.

The train and bus in Philly made it simple to grab a bus to get where you were going, whether you were too young to drive, had your car in the shop, or simply didn’t want to be bothered with parking.

When I was 17 and in high school, for several weeks, every Saturday morning, myself and a classmate named Sandy would board the bus in our suburban train station and travel into center city Philadelphia, debarking just a few blocks walk from our local NBC affiliate, KYW.

Sandy was an AV guy and I was the editor of my high school paper. We had been selected by faculty to participate in KYW’s Newstudies program. Every week we learned a a little bit more about broadcast radio, culminating in a live studio broadcast of a story we had worked on. I still have that reel to reel tape kicking around here somewhere.

That weekly train ride represented to me, freedom, opportunity and possibility.

Not bad for a couple of bucks and a few weekend hours.


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