Life is too Short to Fuss with Zippers

Today’s writing prompt is What Uniform Would You Wear Every Day if you had to?

I’ll tell you what it would not be–I wore a Catholic school uniform for many years and I have still not recovered from my fear of plaid.

In fact, my idea of hell would be an infinite down escalator surrounded by plaid bees.

And peanut butter.

In a mall.

But I digress (which would actually make an excellent tattoo for me if I was so inclined)

I actually think about this a lot. I’m all about comfort.

I love sneakers. Converse, any variety of running shoes, rocket dogs, vans, you name it. As long as I can wear a nice thick sock. I hate open toed shoes of any kind. If I won (or played) the lottery, I would love to have a big closet full of sneaks of all colors and styles.

Next wee move on to yoga pants. Nuff said.

On top, probably very soft long sleeve tee. The ones from Aerie are particularly soft. Top that with a zip front hoodie and we’re good to go.

A dressier alternative, which really is my uniform is a dress with tights or leggings and boots, usually motorcycle ish.

But when I rule the world, comfy clothes for everyone.


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