Can I Go Do Something Else Now Please?


This picture of Bobby Fischer is the writing prompt for my February Writing Challenge.

Chess makes me think of my husband who is an amazing chess player. He can play multiple games at once, he can play in his head and he plays really fast which is kind of unusual. He has beaten some pretty impressive people.

And it makes me think of the different types of intelligence. I can win word games like Scrabble. I do especially well at Scattergories, because my answers tend to be too off the wall to match anyone.

I also lose patience with a lot of games. I can take maybe fifteen minutes of most video games. Our son could play video games for hours when he was a kid, but I think he shares my restlessness with other games.

My husband and our daughter* will spend hours working on puzzles, sometimes staying up way too late. I, on the other hand, after about a dozen pieces turn into Evil Willow:


I’m also terrible at strategy and spacial relations. R can think multiple moves ahead or remember what other players areholding in card games. I on the other hand, am probably thinking about something else entirely. And don’t even ask about what happens when I try to rearrange furniture.

But I do manage to dress myself in the morning.

For the most part.

Except when I have to text pictures of clothes to my daughter at college to ask if I can wear them together.

*she invented a modified chess game when R tried to teach her to play when she was very young. It involved her selecting one of the pieces and using it to clear all the other pieces off the board. She called it “Killing Spree”


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